About Computer Department

About Department: The department was formally established in 2012. Currently, the department has a faculty of 10 whose interests span almost covers all areas of Computer Engineering. The department offers an undergraduate program with an intake of 60 students.


The Department of Computer Engineering envisions itself as a centre of education, research and development for advancement of knowledge in the field of computer engineering to best serve the needs of students, industry and society. The spirit of service, honesty and quality as its foundational strength, the department aims to achieve its noble objective through total commitment and involvement of faculty, staff and students. Collaboration with industries and technical organizations is envisaged as a vital linkage for sustaining relevance and continuous up gradation.

The Department delivers quality methods of teaching that help students enhance their knowledge, understand the importance of being leaders in the area of their interest & provide them with an unbeatable edge to success today’s demanding work place & global market.

The departments run the students club called ACES and ACM Student Chapter predominately meant for encouraging the students to enhance their qualities, their ideas, their thoughts etc helps out the students to stand the field of Excellency. Under the Association Department organizes various youth events which ultimately help out to develop their leadership qualities, event managing kill and much more.