Computer Engineering Faculty

Sr. No. Name Qualification Experience Area of Interest Department
1 Hemant B. Shinde B.E. Comp. M.E. Computer 10 Years Software Development and System Programming Computer Engineering
2 Amol D. Sawant B.E. Comp. M.E. Computer 10 Years Software Development, Data-Mining, Data Structure Computer Engineering
3 Nitesh W. Dangare B.E. Comp. M.Tech Comp 5 Years Network security, S/w development Computer Engineering
4 Sarika S. Patil B.E. Comp. M. Tech Comp 10 Years Compilier Design, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Machine Learning Computer Engineering
5 Trupti Vasant Suryawanshi B.E. Comp. M. Tech Comp 4 Years Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, High Performance Computing Computer Engineering
6 Archana Patil B.E. Comp. M. Tech Comp 6 Years Data Structure and Algorithms, Data Mining, Computer Organization, Business Analytic and Intelligence and Java Computer Engineering
7 Mayur Asolmol BE in E&TC and ME Comp 7 Years Digital Electronics, IoT, Embedded System Computer Engineering
8 Nivas Patil BE, ME Comp 3 Years Programming Languages (C, CPP, JAVA) Computer Engineering
9 Archana R. Kale BE in IT and ME IT 3 Years Theory of Computation, Operating System, System Programming Computer Engineering
10 Meena Y. Pawar BE in Computer and ME Comp 10 Years Software Engineering, S/w Testing, Networking Computer Engineering
11 Sheetal S. Patil BCS, MCA, PhD Comp Engg 15 Years C and C++ Programming Computer Engineering
12 Prachi J. Gholap BE, ME Comp 5 Years Software Engineering, Embedded System Computer Engineering
13 Sheela D. Gole BE, ME Comp 5 Years Computer Network Computer Engineering