First Year Department

The Department of First year Engg offers basic engineering knowhow which an Engineer ought to know irrespective of the specialization branch he or she is working in . Thus here the students entering in the college are made to understand different branches of engineering such as Civil , Electrical and Electronics , Mechanical Engineering . The core theme is to make the student understand the difference between Science and Engineering . The course include common core of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and their engineering applications . Students are exposed to language of engineers i.e. of Engineering Drawing and Graphics . Today’s age is of CAE ( Computer Aided engineering ) and hence the lab exercises include using computer softwares like AUTO CAD . Mechanics covering basic equilibrium laws in statics and dynamics is taught in a very practical way wherein every formula is understood by a practical application . Students are taught basics of Computer Programming and Keystone labs are well equipped with Computing facility and best of the people to ignite the young minds for understanding the logic of algorithms . Keystone School of Engg is equipped with latest models of Boilers , IC engines and workshop facilities for demonstrating the applications of carpentry , black smithy , welding and fitting and turning operations .