Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Department of Mechanical Engineering

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    Prof. Amrut Habib

    B.E. Mechanical

    M.E. Design

    15 Years of teaching experience

    Applied Thermodynamics, Strength of materials, Dynamics of Mechanisms, Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • ssDeshpande

    Prof. Tushar Jadhav

    B.E. Mechanical

    M.Tech. Cad-Cam

    05 Years of Industry & teaching experience

    Fluid Mechanics, Turbo Machines, CAD / CAM, Finite Element Methods
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    Prof. Ashish Deshmukh

    B.E. Mechanical

    M.Tech. Cad-Cam

    03 Years of Industry & teaching experience
    Manufacturing Industry, Industry institute interaction, Metrology and Quality Control, Engg. Graphics
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    Prof. Suresh C. B.

    B.E. Mechanical

    M.E. Machine Design

    04 Years of Industry & teaching experience

    Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Design of Machines, Thermodynamics
  • ssDeshpande

    Prof. Dhrumit Patel

    B.E. Mechanical


    04 Years of Industry & teaching experience
    Metallurgy, Material Science, Heat Transfer, Manufacturing Processes
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    Prof. Piyush Patil

    B.E. Mechanical

    M.Tech. Cad-Cam

    03 Years of Industry & teaching experience
    Manufacturing Processes, Robotics, Power Plant Engineering, Hydraulics and Pneumatics
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    Prof. Pradip Karale

    B.E. Mechanical

    M.E. Thermal

    03 Years of Industry & teaching experience
    Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Interna Combustion Engines
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    Ms. Diksha Nadkarni

    BE Mechanical

    ME Heat Power

    03 Years of teaching
    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Power Plant, HeatTransfer
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    Mr. Dadaso D. Mohite

    B.Tech. (Mechanical)

    M.E. Mechanical (Design)

    2.5 years Teaching, 1 years Industrial

    Theory of Machine, Machine Design, Manufacturing Process
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    Prof. Priyanka Rupnavar


    ME(Heat power engineering)

    2 Years Teaching

    Heat transfer,thermodynamics,fluid mechanics,Computational fluid dynamics.
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    Prof. Pragati Ingole


    ME(Heat Power)

    2 Years Teaching

    Heat power, Thermodynamics, Turbo Machines, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Methods and Optimization.
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    Prof. Shashank Hebbal

    B.E (Mechanical)

    MTech (Machine design)

    Phd (pursuing) (Machine design)

    2 Year’s of teaching experience

    1 year of industrial experience

    Strength of materials, Theory of machines, Finite element analysis, Numerical techniques